ジム・ホール 新作「Live vol.2-4」発売遅延によりmp3版が配信される

はいー、いつものことでございます。ArtistShareからメール案内があり、ジム・ホール新作となるCD3枚組の「Live! Vol.2-4」の発売日が予定の7月15日から再延期決定。時期は未定だが、予約注文者には数週間のうちに案内するとのこと。なお、CD3枚組の予定だったが、4枚目のCDを追加するとのこと。96k/24bitの高音質版を収録するとのこと。また、同時発売予定だった2011年のライブ音源アルバムも発売遅延。
さっそくLive vol.2-4のmp3版をダウンロード拝聴。


もうひとつのライブ版は、タイトルが「Live at Birdland」となっており、おそらく2011年11月15日のNew YorkのジャズクラブBirdlandのライブ音源かと思われる。mp3版はまだ1曲しかダウンロードできない。音源はFirnished Flats。

Subject:A Message from Jim Hall - Box Set Available for download/package delay

Dear XXXX,
We just wanted to let you know that all three discs are available for immediate download from your ArtistShare account.   We are very, very happy with how the mixing and mastering came out.   Don Thompson did an amazing job with the help of mastering engineer Chad Irschick.  There are still some delays with the packaging partly due to volume at the manufacturer and partly due to some last minute decisions on our end.   Long story short, we added a fourth disc which will contain hi-resolution audiophile quality files of the recording (96k/24bit) as we felt that it would greatly enhance the listening experience.   We also decided make the packaging a hand bound 100+ page book.   We saw some samples of them and it once again really improves the whole experience.  We also have a few more surprises in store so stay tuned.   As soon as we have a new delivery date we will let you know but it looks like it will be another few weeks.   Again, please accept our apologies in advance for this delay but please know that it is all in the name of creating packaging that is worthy of what is turning out to be possibly the best Jazz guitar recordings in history (no exaggeration).    Please go and download the files and start listening!  As always, if you would prefer to just receive a refund please contact us at billing@artistshare.com and we will promptly do so.   If a refund is requested though please do not download the files as we will not be able to honor the request if the music has already been downloaded.   Thanks and enjoy!   We will be in touch again soon.







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