1. T.C. Blues,Circles,Jim Hall Trio,06,04:07,1981
  2. Take Ten,Take Ten [France Bonus Tracks],Paul Desmond,01,03:13,1963
  3. Taking A Chance On Love,Complete Recordings,Ruby Braff & Hank Jones,13,02:42,2007
  4. Tangerine,Jazz Guitar,Jim Hall Trio,04,03:55,1957
  5. Tango Loco,Jim Hall & Basses,George Mraz/Jim Hall/Scott Colley,13,05:30,2001
  6. Telephone,Telephone,Jim Hall & Ron Carter,01,05:32,1984
  7. Tell Me When,Night Lights,Gerry Mulligan,06,04:09,1963
  8. Tha Night Has a Thousand Eyes,What's New ?,Sonny Rollins,05,09:11,
  9. Thanks for the Memory,Jazz Guitar,Jim Hall Trio,03,05:13,1957
  10. That's the Way It Is,Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,07,03:50,1998
  11. That's the Way It Is,The Jimmy Giuffre 3,Jimmy Giuffre,07,03:51,1957
  12. The Answer Is Yes (alt take),Concierto,Jim Hall,08,05:37,1975
  13. The Answer Is Yes,Concierto,Jim Hall,03,07:40,1975
  14. The Answer Is Yes,Panorama: Live at Village Vanguard,Jim Hall,03,09:16,1997
  15. The Answer Is Yes,Subsequently,Jim Hall,04,06:45,1991
  16. The Birds And The Bees,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,03,05:09,1999
  17. The Bridge,The Bridge,Sonny Rollins,04,05:59,1962
  18. The Crab,Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,13,08:28,1998
  19. The Girl From Ipanema,Berlin Festival Guitar Workshop,Baden Powell,09,02:12,1967
  20. The Girl from East 9th Street,Bossa Antigua,Paul Desmond,08,06:28,1964
  21. The Green Country (New England Mood),Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,10,03:02,1998
  22. The Green Country (New England Mood),The Jimmy Giuffre 3,Jimmy Giuffre,10,03:03,1957
  23. The Lady Is a Tramp,Mack the Knife: Ella in Berlin,Ella Fitzgerald,03,03:04,1960
  24. The Little Melody,Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,11,07:30,1998
  25. The Man I Love,Mack the Knife: Ella in Berlin,Ella Fitzgerald,04,03:56,1960
  26. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes [Alternate Take],Bossa Antigua,Paul Desmond,09,07:21,1964
  27. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes,Bossa Antigua,Paul Desmond,02,05:07,1964
  28. The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else),Take Ten [France Bonus Tracks],Paul Desmond,08,05:38,1963
  29. The Point at Issue,Duologues,Enrico Pieranunzi/Jim Hall,06,04:20,2005
  30. The Song Is You,Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,01,03:56,1998
  31. The Song Is You,The Jimmy Giuffre 3,Jimmy Giuffre,03,03:59,1957
  32. The Sweetest Sounds,Listen to Art Farmer and the Orchestra,Art Farmer,04,04:39,1962
  33. The Train and the River,Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,03,03:36,1998
  34. The Train and the River,The Jimmy Giuffre 3,Jimmy Giuffre,09,03:36,1957
  35. The Way You Look Tonight,Live!,Jim Hall,04,06:15,1976
  36. The Wind,By Arrangement,Jim Hall,08,06:59,1998
  37. Theme(BlueConcept),Complete Live Recordings 1963/64,The Art Farmer Quartet Feat. Jim Hall,10,00:58,2008
  38. Theme from "Black Orpheus",Take Ten [France Bonus Tracks],Paul Desmond,05,04:14,1963
  39. There Came You,Loose Blues,Bill Evans,06,05:53,1992
  40. These Rooms,These Rooms,Jim Hall Trio/Tom Harrell,06,11:29,1988
  41. Thesis,Jazzpar Quartet + 4,Jim Hall,04,11:45,1999
  42. Things Ain't What They Used to Be,Jazz Guitar,Jim Hall Trio,02,05:47,1957
  43. This Is My Lucky Day,Complete Recordings,Ruby Braff & Hank Jones,16,02:26,2007
  44. Three Little Words,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,05,02:16,1964
  45. Three,Jim Hall's Three,Jim Hall Trio,07,08:50,1986
  46. Three,Something Special,Jim Hall,07,08:05,1993
  47. Throughout,Hemispheres(1of2CD),Jim Hall and Bill Frisell,01,04:36,2008
  48. Time Remembered,Loose Blues,Bill Evans,03,06:02,1992
  49. To Antonio Carlos Jobim,First Edition,George Shearing/Jim Hall,02,03:15,1981
  50. To Tommy Frlanagan,First Edition,George Shearing/Jim Hall,07,05:11,1981
  51. Too Close For Comfort,Jazz Guitar,Jim Hall Trio,10,04:25,1957
  52. Too Darn Hot,Mack the Knife: Ella in Berlin,Ella Fitzgerald,06,03:30,1960
  53. Trav'lin' Light,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,06,04:08,1964
  54. Treat Me Rough,Complete Recordings,Ruby Braff & Hank Jones,02,04:20,2007
  55. Turn Out the Stars,Intermodulation,Bill Evans/Jim Hall,03,07:38,1966
  56. Twister,Jazz Impressions Of Japan / Live In Tokyo,Jim Hall,06,05:01,1976
  57. Two Kinds of Blues,Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,04,05:15,1998
  58. Two Kinds of Blues,The Jimmy Giuffre 3,Jimmy Giuffre,02,05:17,1957
  59. Two's Blues,Telephone,Jim Hall & Ron Carter,07,04:43,1984
  60. Two's Blues,Concierto,Jim Hall,02,03:51,1975
  61. Two Special People,Jazz Impressions of Japan(Official Download or LP),Jim Hall,07,03:09,2008





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