1. I Can't Get Started,Circles,Jim Hall Trio,05,04:45,1981
  2. I Got Rhythm,Complete Recordings,Ruby Braff & Hank Jones,05,05:42,2007
  3. I Hear A Rhapsody,Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival,Jim Hall & Bob Brookmeyer,02,08:20,1999
  4. I Hear A Rhapsody,Undercurrent,Bill Evans & Jim Hall,03,04:38,1962
  5. I Hear A Rhapsody,First Edition,George Shearing/Jim Hall,06,03:41,1981
  6. I Hear A Rhapsody,Live!,Jim Hall,05,08:41,1976
  7. I Remember You,Blues on the Rocks,Jim Hall Trio,06,07:27,2005
  8. I See Nothing to Laugh About,First Edition,George Shearing/Jim Hall,04,05:09,1981
  9. I Should Care,...Where Would I Be?,Jim Hall,06,03:53,1971
  10. I Want To Be Happy,Complete Live Recordings 1963/64,The Art Farmer Quartet Feat. Jim Hall,04,09:44,2008
  11. I Was Doin' Alright,Blues on the Rocks,Jim Hall Trio,09,04:48,2005
  12. I'M Getting Sentimental Over You,Undercurrent,Bill Evans & Jim Hall,06,04:15,1962
  13. I'll Be Seeing You,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,07,01:38,1964
  14. I'll Never Smile Again [Take 6][*],Interplay,Bill Evans,04,06:39,1962
  15. I'll Never Smile Again [Take 7],Interplay,Bill Evans,03,06:33,1962
  16. I'll Remember April,Alone Together,Jim Hall & Ron Carter,04,06:53,1972
  17. I'll remember April,Hemispheres(2of2CD),Jim Hall and Bill Frisell,01,06:19,2008
  18. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You,Complete Live Recordings 1963/64,The Art Farmer Quartet Feat. Jim Hall,05,05:08,2008
  19. I'm in the Mood for Love,Subsequently,Jim Hall,06,06:13,1991
  20. I've Got You Under My Skin,Intermodulation,Bill Evans/Jim Hall,01,03:26,1966
  21. If ever I would leave you,What's New ?,Sonny Rollins,01,12:04,
  22. Improvisation No. 1,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,04,01:05,1999
  23. Improvisation No. 2,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,10,01:11,1999
  24. Improvisation No. 3,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,13,03:24,1999
  25. Improvisation No. 4,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,15,02:37,1999
  26. Improvisation No. 5,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,16,02:09,1999
  27. In A Sentimental Mood,Dedications & Inspirations,Jim Hall,11,04:44,1993
  28. In A Sentimental Mood,Hemispheres(2of2CD),Jim Hall and Bill Frisell,09,07:27,2008
  29. In A Sentimental Mood,It's Nice to Be with You: Jim Hall in Berlin,Jim Hall,06,05:54,1969
  30. In A Sentimental Mood,Jazzpar Quartet + 4,Jim Hall,07,05:54,1999
  31. In A Sentimental Mood,Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival,Jim Hall & Bob Brookmeyer,05,09:45,1999
  32. In A Sentimental Mood,Power of Three,Michel Petrucciani,06,12:37,1986
  33. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning,Night Lights,Gerry Mulligan,03,05:38,1963
  34. Indian Summer,Commitment,Jim Hall,08,06:39,1976
  35. Indian Summer,Telephone,Jim Hall & Ron Carter,02,05:54,1984
  36. Interplay,Interplay,Bill Evans,05,08:15,1962
  37. Into The Dream,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,11,03:06,1999
  38. It Could Happen to You,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,09,04:21,1964
  39. It's Nice to Be With You,It's Nice to Be with You: Jim Hall in Berlin,Jim Hall,05,04:47,1969





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