1. Naima,Listen to Art Farmer and the Orchestra,Art Farmer,07,05:25,1962
  2. Nancy (With the Laughing Face),Take Ten [France Bonus Tracks],Paul Desmond,06,06:07,1963
  3. New Waltz,Live at Village West,Jim Hall & Ron Carter,04,06:15,1982
  4. Night Lights [1963 Version],Night Lights,Gerry Mulligan,01,04:55,1963
  5. Night Lights [1965 Version][*],Night Lights,Gerry Mulligan,07,02:53,1963
  6. Night and Day,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,02,03:19,1964
  7. No You Don't,Panorama: Live at Village Vanguard,Jim Hall,07,06:52,1997
  8. Noite Triste [Night Sadness],Big Band Bossa Nova,Stan Getz,06,04:59,1962



  1. Mack the Knife,Mack the Knife: Ella in Berlin,Ella Fitzgerald,08,05:14,1960
  2. Malagueña,Studio Trieste,Jim Hall,03,09:45,1982
  3. Malagueña,Youkali,Jim Hall,05,09:33,1992
  4. Manha De Carnival (Morning of the Carnival),Big Band Bossa Nova,Stan Getz,01,05:50,1962
  5. Masters of War,Hemispheres(1of2CD),Jim Hall and Bill Frisell,08,04:23,2008
  6. Matisse,Dedications & Inspirations,Jim Hall,12,01:43,1993
  7. Medley (Bidin' My Time / But Not For Me / Embraceable You),Complete Recordings,Ruby Braff & Hank Jones,09,05:02,2007
  8. Melancolico (Melancholy),Big Band Bossa Nova,Stan Getz,03,04:45,1962
  9. Migration,Hemispheres(1of2CD),Jim Hall and Bill Frisell,04,15:24,2008
  10. Minotaur,...Where Would I Be?,Jim Hall,05,08:13,1971
  11. Miró,Dedications & Inspirations,Jim Hall,08,02:41,1993
  12. Mister Blues,Subsequently,Jim Hall,02,05:29,1991
  13. Misty,Mack the Knife: Ella in Berlin,Ella Fitzgerald,02,02:44,1960
  14. Monet,Dedications & Inspirations,Jim Hall,09,03:07,1993
  15. Monica Jane,Hemispheres(1of2CD),Jim Hall and Bill Frisell,10,06:54,2008
  16. Mop Mop [*],At the Renaissance [Bonus Tracks],Ben Webster,06,08:23,1960
  17. More Than You Know,Subsequently,Jim Hall,09,07:14,1991
  18. Morning Blues,Power of Three,Michel Petrucciani,03,08:25,1986
  19. Morning Of The Carnival,Two Jims And Zoot,Jimmy Raney,04,04:34,1964
  20. Morning of the Carnival (Manha de Carnaval) [From Black Orpheus],Night Lights,Gerry Mulligan,02,05:30,1963
  21. Move It,Two Jims And Zoot,Jimmy Raney,07,04:25,1964
  22. Mr. Blues,Jazzpar Quartet + 4,Jim Hall,03,09:27,1999
  23. My All,Jimmy Giuffre with Jim Hall,Jimmy Giuffre,08,04:13,1998
  24. My All,The Jimmy Giuffre 3,Jimmy Giuffre,06,04:14,1957
  25. My Bells,Loose Blues,Bill Evans,05,05:25,1992
  26. My Funny Valentine (Alternate Take),Undercurrent,Bill Evans & Jim Hall,01,06:56,1962
  27. My Funny Valentine,Hemispheres(2of2CD),Jim Hall and Bill Frisell,07,05:18,2008
  28. My Funny Valentine,It's Nice to Be with You: Jim Hall in Berlin,Jim Hall,02,03:31,1969
  29. My Funny Valentine,Live at Town Hall Vol. 2,Jim Hall,04,07:53,1990
  30. My Funny Valentine,Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival,Jim Hall & Bob Brookmeyer,03,08:24,1999
  31. My Funny Valentine,Six Pack,Gary Burton & Friends,10,06:10,1992
  32. My Funny Valentine,These Rooms,Jim Hall Trio/Tom Harrell,08,06:26,1988
  33. My Funny Valentine,Undercurrent,Bill Evans & Jim Hall,02,05:22,1962
  34. My Little Suede Shoes,Interaction/Sing Me Softly of the Blues,Art Farmer Quartet,03,05:01,1999
  35. My Man's Gone Now,Intermodulation,Bill Evans/Jim Hall,02,06:48,1966
  36. My One and Only Love,Commitment,Jim Hall,06,05:51,1976
  37. My One and Only Love,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,04,06:01,1964
  38. My Romance,Listen to Art Farmer and the Orchestra,Art Farmer,05,05:00,1962
  39. My Ship,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,08,04:14,1964



  1. Lament for a Fallen Matador,Commitment,Jim Hall,03,11:50,1976
  2. Laura's Dream,Live at Town Hall Vol. 1,Jim Hall,09,06:27,1990
  3. Laverne Walk,Live at Village West,Jim Hall & Ron Carter,09,05:30,1982
  4. Let's Do It,Complete Recordings,Ruby Braff & Hank Jones,12,03:10,2007
  5. Light,Jazz Impressions Of Japan / Live In Tokyo,Jim Hall,01,06:58,1976
  6. Limbo,Power of Three,Michel Petrucciani,01,08:08,1986
  7. Little Blues,Panorama: Live at Village Vanguard,Jim Hall,02,09:14,1997
  8. Loads of Love,Interaction/Sing Me Softly of the Blues,Art Farmer Quartet,05,04:53,1999
  9. Long Ago (And Far Away),The Standard,Sonny Rollins,10,02:49,1964
  10. Look for the Silver Lining,Jazz Guitar,Jim Hall Trio,08,03:14,1957
  11. Lookin' Up [Studio Recording],Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,Jim Hall & Pat Metheny,01,04:34,1999
  12. Loose Bloose [Alternate Take],Loose Blues,Bill Evans,02,05:35,1992
  13. Loose Bloose,Loose Blues,Bill Evans,01,07:08,1992
  14. Lorelei,Mack the Knife: Ella in Berlin,Ella Fitzgerald,07,03:32,1960
  15. Love Letters,Circles,Jim Hall Trio,02,07:05,1981
  16. Love Letters,The Standard,Sonny Rollins,03,03:29,1964
  17. Lucky Thing,Something Special,Jim Hall,08,06:48,1993
  18. LuLu's back in town,Live in Tokyo(Official Download;not included in LP),Jim Hall,12,03:20,2008



  1. Kyoto Bells,Jazz Impressions Of Japan / Live In Tokyo,Jim Hall,03,08:36,1976



  1. Jane,All Across the City,Jim Hall Quartet,06,05:00,1989
  2. Jazz Samba,Intermodulation,Bill Evans/Jim Hall,05,03:12,1966
  3. Jimlogue,Duologues,Enrico Pieranunzi/Jim Hall,08,04:38,2005
  4. João,Dedications & Inspirations,Jim Hall,05,06:08,1993
  5. João,Hallmarks: The Best of Jim Hall Disc 2,Jim Hall,01,06:05,2006
  6. John S.,The Bridge,Sonny Rollins,03,07:43,1962
  7. Jungoso,What's New ?,Sonny Rollins,03,10:46,



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